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Matt T. Bins & Hauling Garbage Removal
Dumpster Rentals at Matt T. Bins & Hauling

Bin Rentals & Dump Truck Hauling
Serving the Cowichan Valley & Area

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(778) 356-4285
If you are planning a building project or renovation, make sure your plan includes the garbage removal and hauling!!​​​​


12 -15 yard disposal bins for commercial, residential and job-site waste 
Garbage bins for commercial, residential and job-site waste
Gravel, sand, soil, rock and other local hauling needs
Gravel, Sand, Soil and Landscape material hauling - Matt T Bins & Hauling
Bins with lids  that comply with regulations for removal of asbestos and other hazardous materials
Garbage bin with lids
Hazardous Waste